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Using a retired medical skeleton’s spine for this beautiful lamp. The Cervical and lower Lumbar vertebrae are in a fixed position for long term strength and handling, while the rest are left a bit loose for feeling and observing for study.

The Hyoid bones are also present in the shape of a ‘X’.

The skull is of a massive Burmese Python and has been carefully stained to match the naturally aged patina of the human spine as closely as possible.

Starting within the skull and continuing down each cervical section are claw bone spikes emerging from inside and dusted with pyrite.

The vintage gold base and inside the mouth is surrounded by crushed carborundum with 7 polished ammonites representing change and positive motion, something that I hope not only for myself, but all of you as well.

*Contains real human bones, therefore not shippable to GA, TN or LA, respectively.

Please do not purchase if you reside in any of those 3 States or the transaction will be cancelled. Thank you.

*Price includes all Shipping & Handling fees.

** US Shipping only.


Sales Tax Included
  • Purchases will be shipped out the following Tuesday. I reuse/recycle boxes and shipping materials to keep your cost down as much as possible. Price includes Shipping Insurance/Shipping.

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