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A stunning section of the sea floor taken from the deepest depths of the Mariana Trench. This section in particular, with the amazing growth and formation of stibnite and the visual scars of a past impact, has led scientists to question it’s actual origin … At least, that’s the backstory I like.

Materials used:

Massive specimen of Stibnite from Xikuangshan mine, in Hunan Province, a vintage nautilus shell sent to me broken, oxidized skunk tails (processed for over 1 years) and sea stars as seaweed.

A truly magnificent piece of art.

Comes on footed base and with an oversized glass cloche.

Glass cloche can be changed out to owner’s preference at their discretion.


Sales Tax Included
  • Purchases will be shipped out the following Tuesday. I reuse/recycle boxes and shipping materials to keep your cost down as much as possible. Price includes Shipping Insurance/Shipping.

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